Buy Lace Work Sarees

Lace is a patterned fabric produced with machines or some intricate handwork by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. Often woven from cotton, silk or rayon it has a distinct embroidered pattern. Lace making came into existence around the late 15th century. Back then, threads used for making lace were made of linen, silk, gold, or silver. Initial period of 17th century saw the lace fabric turned luxurious and drove the European economy really well.

The border is an integral part of any saree. Lace border sarees unlock the elegance of sarees beautifully. Blouse neck pattern has a long asymmetrical lace with large floral pattern running down to almost three quarters of the length of the Saree blouse. Lace has been used to create a balance. the lace has been chosen as a balance point for the Saree and the border. Lace makes the saree beautiful with matching color and design pattern. Lace can be embed with floral print and embroidered work to give decent look. Net lace border saree with heavy embroidery work to look ravishing. Buy lace saree work and get best offer online with free shipping all over the world.