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Konrad sarees are one of the most notable sarees. These have begun from Tamil Nadu and have earned extraordinary notoriety by its shared prosperity and use of great textures. These sarees have fringes adorned with shifted structures. The outskirts extend from 10-14cm wide and are woven in plain shading with limited groups of strengthening twist designing. This itself is famously known as kampi or pettu and is, for the most part, situated inside 3 centimeters of each outskirt edge.



These sorts of sarees are generally acclaimed for their extensive use in relationships just as different events. The very body of the Konrad saree contains a woven example, usually checks or stripes. The saree's very endpiece includes either a progression of generally divided zari stripes or more costly and expounds forms, advantageous weft figuring.


The very regular type of end-bit of Konrad saree is found in a full band for the most of zari alongside weft-wise three-sided focuses woven in the between bolted weft method. Such sarees' very structures do fluctuate as the plans vary from straight-edged outskirt or even with different styles of three-sided themes known as karavai. A few of the Konrad sarees are unusually named after the very shade of their fringes, for example, arakku saree having lac-colored outskirts and pudapayalam karavai a yellow serrated edge.


The Kumbakonam and Thanjavore regions of South India do make substantial to medium weight Konrad silks that are very comparable in style just as a method to Kanchipuramï; anyway, the endpiece twists are unobtrusively appended alternately. One of the more common varieties of the Konrad sarees is the purported sanctuary sarees.


Konrad sarees are interlocked weft-woven mubbhagamï saree with their two outskirts just as the field of equivalent widths. Something that should be seen is that the very outskirts of such sarees are in the unembellished style having two pettu. Nonetheless, some of the time, the whole length of the limited field is very secured with exceptional quality beneficial weft zari designing woven in a progression of weft-wise lines. The plans do incorporate themes like elephants, peacocks, two-fold headed birds, and botanical plants, even though Konrad saree delineates a making of pure silk; however, its special appearances separate it from different sarees.