Uncover the Magic of Draped Saree

Though fashion trends in India are constantly evolving, the draped saree is constant. It is the classic representation of Indian culture and fashion, and reflects a woman’s beauty and elegance.

There are a number of different traditional saree gown styles and draping’s. Some are listed below:

1. Atpoure of Bengal

This is one of the most identifiable styles of saree. It is a traditional Bengali type which contains broad box pleats at the front. Though it may seem complicated to drape and fold, the Bengali Saree is actually quite easy to fashion.

2. Nauvari Saree

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Nauvari also known as Kasta Sari is a unique style of draping in which it is worn like a loincloth. One end goes front to back between the legs and then tucked around the waist, while the upper section is draped in the usual way. One particular benefit to this draping style is that it allows ease of movement to the legs.

3. Mekhela Chadar

These are Assamese handloom sarees, typically worn by young girls of Assam. This particular saree comprises two pieces. One is worn at the bottom like a sarong with criss cross pleats in front.

The second piece has one end tucked in around the waist on the left side and the other end is draped onto the shoulder in a shawl-like manner.

4. Pinkosu

This draping style is best for warm weather. The word pinkosu actually means? pleats at the back’. This style has the saree wrapped around the waist one and half times which provides more coverage.
The pleats fall towards the outside of the wrap and therefore reveal the underside of the saree. Women generally choose handloom cotton sarees which are reversible and can be worn from both sides.

5. Gol Saree

This draping style is generally worn by Parsi women especially on festive occasions. The best saree for this draping style is georgette of light chiffon saree. It has a veil that comes from behind, which then spreads over the blouse on the left shoulder the brought to the front over the right shoulder.

The Modern Sari Design

In addition to the traditional saree styles listed above, saree gown designs in 2018 have evolved. The sari, while its historical and cultural significance is still appreciated, many women wear it as a fashion statement, solely for aesthetic purposes.

Therefore, there are over 100 different draping designs with many being custom designed. New designs are being created almost daily by fashion designers of Indian background.

With the modernization of the saree, some techniques have been lost and this has given rise to new techniques. The draped saree has become known as the one minute saree, for the short time in which it can be adorned.

Saree Fabric

Sarees are available in a plethora of fabrics. Different fabrics may affect the look of your garment in different ways. The georgette and soft silks enhance the look and flow of pleats, while stiff fabrics like taffeta may be hard to fold

Cotton is known for its comfort and versatility. A cotton blended with silk offers the best of both worlds and is very common nowadays due to its affordability.

While the saree is a traditional Indian cloth known for its cultural significance, it has become much more accessible and flexible. A myriad of designs have been developed and are readily available for purchase online. For those uncomfortable about saree draping, draped saree gown online tutorials can be helpful.