Buy Resham Embroidery Salwar Kameez

Resham embroidery salwar kameez have always been in demand for their well-known sophisticated design patterns. Most of the embroidery designs started in the Muhgal era which was renowned for aesthetics and arts. The special feature of resham embroidery is the elaborated and complex designs and patterns. The designs or patterns which are mostly used in resham embroidery are floral and paisley shapes.Beautiful bead work accompanied with resham embroidery adds to the rich look of the salwar kameez. Resham is dyed in different colours and sewn onto sarees, salwar kameez and other fabrics in different designs as an adorning feature.

Resham embroidery is very common on shalwar kameez which is a common Indian and Pakistani dress. This dress is worn casually as well as on special occasions and parties.

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