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Why Women Has Immense Love with Sharara Suits

The Punjabi Sharara suits are dresses that are generally worn during weddings in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. However, recently the dress has also become popular in Northern India and several regions of Pakistan. The Sharara suit is three-piece attire, consisting of the Pant, which resembles the shape of an umbrella, the kurti, and one or two dupattas. When two dupattas are worn with the dress, one acts as a drape whereas, the other as a veil.

Sharara suits designs and dress come in a wide variety with various embellishments such as sequins and beads, zari, stonework, and more. Depending on the price of the Sharara suit, the embellishments may vary

These days several renowned designers are designing Sharara suits bringing the age-old traditional dress back into fashion. Another dress that closely resembles Sharara is the Gharara. They are both floor-sweeping dresses. Women prefer Sharara due to several reasons such as the comfort it provides, traditional importance, aesthetics, and much more. In this blog, we will explore more about the origin of the dress and women’s love for them.

History and Origin

It is believed that the design aesthetics of the dress comes from the Mughal royalties. The Mughals brought Sharara to India. During those periods, these dresses were the common attire of the women belonging to the royal class. Ever since, the dress has become popular among Muslim women, both in India and Pakistan. The Indian movie industry – Bollywood – also contributed greatly in glorifying Sharara during the 1970’s and 80’s

Advantages of Sharara Suits

Punjabi women love for the Sharara is due to several reasons, the primary being the beauty of the dress with all the handwork done by artists. It is also among the traditional dresses of Punjab, which gives it a cultural importance. This gracious dress can be worn as formal as well as casual, for parties as well as weddings.

The dress does not just appear good but is also practical. India and Pakistan are both hot countries with temperature crossing 40 degree Celsius. Since Sharara covers more than 90 percent of the body, it provides protection against the extreme sun and prevents tanning of the skin. Sharara is also suitable for all body types; it very tactfully hides any extra fat on the body making the women appear beautiful and slender. Among all the Plus size Punjabi suits, the Sharara is best at concealing weight.

Innovations with the Sharara

Over time, the Sharara has evolved considerably and there are several different variants of the attire available in the market today. The Pakistani Sharara suits Come with short kurtas, which are no lower than the hip. In India, the Sharara has had regional influences with each region having a different variant of their own. Sharara is worn with a choli, with dupatta and chunnis, and so on.


Sharara suits have its roots deep in the Indian culture. Women prefer to wear these suits due to the comfort it provides in the Indian scorching summers, its aesthetics, and several other reasons. In this blog, we have elaborated the benefits of Sharara for women, the origin and history of the dress, and more.