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2018 latest bridal lehengas designs

Indian bridal lehengas change each and every weather or year. 2018 is something different from other years, this year's designs have changed totally from the previous years. If we talk about bridal lehenga choli, changes in color then we could find that red is always superior but others colors has made the entry in bridal lehenga choli, recently in Bollywood actresses has worn gray color lehenga choli during their wedding, most of the girls and woman follow our actress style, so can say that if Bollywood using gray color lehenga choli then, followers of Bollywood definitely they are going to wear the latest lehenga choli designs in their weddings. In Pakistan model are using gray color lehenga choli, gray color gives proper look to the body, if your body color is fair complexion then you are going to rock in wedding with gray color lehenga designs. Just like gray, maroon has also made the entry in bridal lehenga designs, Muslim girls are also like to wear green color lehenga choli in their wedding.

Long Choli Designs

Choli/Blouse designs has slightly changed, Nowadays, girls are liking long choli designs, Some girls are liking to cover her stomake this blouse that might be the reason, in 2018 demands has gone higher side of these blouses, this design is also good for those who are fatty or plus size, another reason could be, you will get extra space to show your blouse designs like embroidery, resham and zari work.

Printed Lehenga Choli

Printed lehenga choli makes the strong entry in lehenga choli designs, As per the seller, who is selling 1000 plus designs daily, Mostly products are printed, Printed designs have covered the almost all the market there are various reason behind it:
1. First of all it's a light weight not like tradational weighted lehengas. It is also easy to carry one point to another point the older lehenga is every diffucult to carry one point to another point, it takes almost one bag and one person is carrying that bag is only, with the printed design lehenga don't have the issue like that.
2. Printed lehengas is also cheaper than than tradational lehengas, tradational lehenga cost is very high because of embrodery, resham, zari, stone these matrials are very costly. If if you are thinking to buy cheap lehenga choli then printed lehengas would be a great choice.
3. If we talk about time or days to make traditional lehenga then we can't think about comparing both lehengas, printed lehengas hardly take 1 or 2 days but traditional lehenga 1 or 2 months. With the printed lehengas you don't have to wait 1 or 2 months to look yourself with that lehenga. that's the reason print lehengas liked by the girls, Young generation doesn't want to wait 1 or 2 months for lehenga.
4. Print media is the latest fasion in every tradational wear, if you talk about printed salwar kameez, printed sarees, printed Kurtis. Almost each and every woman loves to wear printed dress.